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Foot Health

60 minute appointment

My foot health appointments include a consultation, nails trimmed and burred, any corns or callus removed, hard skin on heels removed, treatment and advice of fungal nail etc

All solutions and dressings are included in the price

£20 salon ~ £25 home visit


60 minute appointment

My pedicure appointments start with a nice foot soak using Kaeso products.

Nails are trimmed and filed and the cuticles are tidied before a lovely relaxing leg and foot massage. The pedicure is then finished with a nail buff and polish

£20 salon ~ £22 home visit

Foot Health Pedi

90 minute appointment

As a Foot Health Practitioner and a Nail Technician, I can offer a more comprehensive pedicure to clients that would normally be turned away from a nail salon. I am able to reduce thickened nails (onychauxis) reduced hard thick yellow skin with a scalpel, remove corns and treat severe cracked heels before offering a foot soak, massage and polish

£30 salon ~ £35 home visit

Cracked Heels

60 minute appointment

My cracked heels appointment starts with nails trimmed and burred if needed.

The dry hard cracked skin is then removed from the foot and the heel using a sanding cup. No acid is used during my appointments, so there is no risk of burns. The foot is then paddle filed and moisturised. Advice is given for maintenance.

£20 salon ~ £25 home visit


60 minute appointment

Reflexology is the manipulation of pressure points on the feet that correspond to the body. This massage encourages the body to self heal.

My appointments are offered in the salon where it is comfortable and ready for a relaxing massage. 


Treatments in the salon

As well as the treatments listed above, I also offer a range of appointments that double up treatments.

Mini Flex-Pedi £35 This includes a mini reflexology massage as well a pedicure

Mini Flex-Foot Health £35 This includes a mini reflexology massage and a foot health appointment

Toenail Reconstruction £15-£35 Damaged nails and fungal nail can be reconstructed for cosmetic purposes

Plantar Fascitis massage £10